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is the modern Alternative to

  • Unlike cow-tipping, no animals are harmed in the sport of SUV-Tipping.
  • SUV-Tipping is Healthy exercise!
  • It's a fun group activity
    (unlike cow-tipping, in which any solo jackass can indulge.)
  • It's Vegan and Vegetarian!
  • It's Environmentaly friendly:
    Every day that an SUV spends lying on its roof
    it burns NO fuel and creates NO pollution!
  • Recommended Precautions:

  • As with cow-tipping, avoid getting caught by the SUV's owner!
  • Always bring enough people with you to tip the target SUV
    and avoid back injuries and groin pulls.
  • Make sure everyone pushes on the same side at the same time.....
  • Plan your getaway carefully:
    SUV-Tipping may be illegal in your state! *

  • Recommended Links

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    SUV Rollover News

    Lose your car and take the Segway!

    Earth on Empty: Artists in Action
    Purchase or Print out Free SUV Violation citations

    "When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Bin Laden
    by Bill Maher
    Official Website



    Cover-our-ass Dept:
    *Illegal SUV-Tipping is not encouraged or sanctioned.
    We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for your illegal and/or stupid acts.
    Proceed at your own risk!
    This site is intended as
    a joke.
    A bad joke perhaps
    but a joke
    We can't help it
    if you own an SUV
    but lack a
    sense of humor!


    SUV News:
    Updated Frequently: Check back daily!
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